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PAD Edition 3 - Editors Overview

The Northern School of Art


The third issue of PAD | Perspectives in Art and Design showcases research papers from undergraduate and postgraduate students across the Visual Arts Faculty and Stage & Screen Faculty at The Northern School of Art in Hartlepool. The creative investigations included in this edition investigates themes such as design culture, cultural identities, and film theory, alongside articles on The Northern School of Art’s annual student-led conference, and The Northern Film Festival, The Northern School of Art’s annual film festival.  


Anna Tompkinson reviews Mark Pinder’s exhibition ‘Macromacy: Britain and The North East of England’ at Hartlepool Art Gallery which ran from May to July 2022. A renowned photojournalist and documentary photographer, Mark Pinder’s exhibition captures political events that impacted communities across the north east from the early 1980s to the present day. 

In the article ‘Curating a National Trust Collection’, MA Design History graduate, Angela List- Evans, reflects upon her curation of The Boosbeck Rooms at Ormesby Hall as part of the MA Design History module, Theories & Methods, in January 2021.


Matt Shanks' article ‘Realism: World Building, Present Truth and Post-Cinema: A Comparative Study of Rossellini and Fellini’s ‘Rome, Open City’ (1945) and The Safdie Brothers ‘Uncut Gems’ (2019)’ explores the realist techniques employed by The Safdie Brothers in their most recent film, Uncut Gems (2019) in relation to the visual motifs and narrative devices used by Italian Neo-Realist filmmakers, to convey real-world truths through the medium of cinema. 


Chloë Leeson’s research paper, 'Acid Ted and Techno Tracey: Curating Nostalgia in the Remains of the Rave' (2021) explores British Rave Culture as intangible heritage through the lens of design history, subcultural theory and cultural theory. Referencing Angé & Berliner’s theories surrounding nostalgia, and Stanley’s Historical Materialism, Chloë socio-economic theories surrounding class and distinction by Bourdieu concerning the socio-economic landscape of Britain in the 1980s and 1990s. 


Fi McClurg's article 'Reconsidering Walter Benjamin's Aura in relation to 'A Short History of Photography', 1931’ posits the notion that a reconsideration of Benjamin's aura within a contemporary contextual framework does not seek to chronicle the literal development of the photographic medium but rather charts the consequences of the development of photography on the concept of art and photography's position in the art world. 


Harry Fraser’s article ‘Nostalgia Through a Queer Lens; A Practice-Led Inquiry’ draws upon early 2000s pop culture, referencing Barbie, Furbies and Teletubbies: recontextualising them through queer symbolism and queer political statements and inspiriting new queer narratives.  


In ‘The Coastal Landscape of Hartlepool: From Inspiration to Abstraction’, Emma Smith explores the interconnections between the coastal landscapes of Scarborough and Hartlepool through large-scale vibrant and vivacious paintings that represent the thoughts, feelings and emotions found when immersed in the landscape.


In 'The Story of MARRA Collective', Kyla Hall presents a heartfelt account of the rise of MARRA Collective, a group of nine artists and designers studying at The Northern School of Art. MARRA began as a tribute to the artist’s friendship, education, and heritage. By presenting a varied variety of work and seeking exhibition opportunities, they hope to add something fresh to the art community and shine a light on the art being produced in the north-east. 


In ‘The Inaugural SARDG Conference: Towards a Feminist Future’, Faith Maddison presents an overview of The Northern School of Art’s first annual student-led conference. The conference offered over 40 students the opportunity to present their research, curate exhibitions, showcase their films, theatre and performance pieces and present conference papers. Eight exhibitions featuring student work and curated by students at The Northern School of Art were launched as part of the evening event which featured guided tours of the exhibition by the curators. 


Jess Whitaker reports on The Northern Film Festival 2022, a film festival showcasing graduate films from The Northern School of Art’s BA Hons Film, TV & Theatre Production course. Four graduate films including, Love Bethany (dir. Oscar Fitchett), Midnight (dir. Anna Bant), Boulder and Pebble (dir. Samuel Burt) and A Story of Love and Interplanetary Warfare (dir. Robbie Tweedale), featuring casts from BA Hons Acting for Stage and Screen were showcased to a sold-out audience at Arc, Stockton.

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