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PAD Edition 3



PAD Editorial Board Members 2022-2023

Alyson Agar (Senior Lecturer in Research & Scholarly Activity) 

Sophie Coleman (MA Design History)

Harry Fraser (MA Design History)


PAD Editorial Design & Development 2022-2023

Rebecca Jones (MA Design Practice)


PAD Editorial Researchers

Georgia Gill (MA Design Practice)

Emily Woods (MA Arts Practice) 

Writers and Contributors 2022-2023


Harry Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist and curator whose work explores the intersections between queer culture and the advent of the internet. A graduate of BA Fine Art programme at The Northern School of Art, Harry has recently exhibited in Queer Fringe, part of Middlesbrough Art Weekender and The Northern School of Art Fine Art degree show in 2022. Harry is now studying for their MA Design History at The Northern School of Art and is currently working towards their first curated show which focuses on the impact and integration of Y2K internet culture on the visual arts.


Emma Smith is a final year student on the BA Hons Fine Art programme at The Northern School of Art. Emma has recently exhibited in Outset in Base Camp, The Northern School of Art's SARDG Conference and Scarborough Market Vaults as part of the Young Scarborough Artists exhibition. Emma is current research explores process-based encounters in painting and the landscape. 


Fi McClurg is a documentary photographer based in north east England whose work explores the development of straight photography and formal values in parlance with a truth to medium. Fi is currently investigating the notion of aftermath photography, a relatively recent development most often connected with the consequences of war. In her latest practice-based works, Fi proposes that the concept of aftermath can be broadened and can be used to examine how the influence of a foreign political and cultural regime has affected the cultural landscape and architectural heritage of the afflicted area. Fi graduated from The Northern School of Art with First Class Honours in BA Hons Photographic Practice with Moving Image and is currently studying MA Arts Practice at The Northern School of Art.


Anna Tompkinson studied BA Hons Fine Art at The Northern School of Art, graduating in 2022 with First Class Honours. Anna’s interests lie within the spaces between photography and sculptural form, drawing on her own experience of the domestic.  Anna has recently exhibited at the Inaugural SARDG Conference at The Northern School of Art, Border Crossing at Pineapple Black, and has recently exhibited in her first solo show, ‘TO LET’ at Pink Collar Gallery curated by Michaela Wetherall. Anna is also a member of the Dandelion Pop Collective with artists harry Fraser, Sophie Coleman, Chloe Smith, Josie Carter and Nadene Mickelwright. Anna is currently studying for an MA in History of Art at the University of York.


Chloë Leeson is a costume designer, film critic and researcher based in the north-east of England. Chloë holds a BA Honours (First Class) in Costume Interpretation and Design from The Northern School of Art and graduated from MA Design History with Distinction in 2021, winning the Principal’s MA Dissertation Prize. Chloë is the founder and editor-in-chief of Screen Queens, a non-profit women and LGBT-led film site for aspiring young critics. Through this, she has acted as a jury member for the Women X Film Festival, and covered worldwide genre festivals such as Sci-Fi London, Final Girls Berlin, Frightfest, and North Bend Film Festival.


Angela List-Evans is a graduate of The Northern School of Art. She holds a BA Hons in Costume Design with Interpretation (First Class) achieved in 2021 and an MA in Design History (Distinction) in 2022. During her time studying at The Northern School of Art, Angela volunteered with National Trust Property, Ormesby Hall where she worked with the property management team gaining experience in the behind-the-scenes workings of the heritage property, staging a collaborative Boosbeck Furniture exhibition within the Hall with the Trust’s generous help and co-operation as part of her MA studies. Angela has recently been appointed to the position of Collections and Engagement Officer at Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.


Matt Shanks is a filmmaker, graphic artist, editor and writer who lives and operates out of the north east of England. Matt graduated from The Northern School of Art in 2021 with First Class Honours in Film, TV & Theatre Production. Matt worked as an Editor on Night Shift, which won Best Student Short at the New Renaissance Film Festival (London) and the Lighting Craft Award at the Royal Television Society Awards (Leeds), and D.I.Y (also directed by George Dickson) which won 'Best Drama' at Apex Film Awards and Best Student Film at the Tees Valley International Film Festival. Matt is currently working on ‘The Day Job’ short film as Editor which will begin its festival run in 2023.


Kyla Hall is a painter working in the north east of England. Working on large-scale canvas, Kyla explores the changing nature of the human form through a material inquiry; through her work, Kyla aims to question the traditional formats of figuration. Kyla was one of the lead curators and organisers of the Inaugural SARDG Conference where she exhibited a solo show ‘SELF’. Kyla has also exhibited at Stockton Library in the MARRA Collective Exhibition. 


Faith Maddison is a final year student of BA Hons Fine Art at The Northern School of Art. Faith’s practice explores contemporary feminist representations within historical and contemporary culture and society through large-scale portraiture and installation. Faith has recently exhibited in the group shows ‘Outset’ and ‘Evoke’ at Base Camp, Middlesbrough, and was one of the lead curators and organisers of the Inaugural SARDG conference in which she exhibited with Olivia Askwith in their show ‘Define Femininity?’ 2022 saw two solo shows by Faith Maddison, in Pineapple Black Window Gallery and Pink Collar Gallery.


Jess Whitaker is a final year BA Hons Film, TV & Theatre Production student at The Northern School of Art. Over the course of her studies, Jess has worked in various roles within film, tv and theatre production, and in her final year she is focusing on producer-based AD roles. Jess’s research interests are focused on female representation and empowerment within cult film and TV; currently she is looking at the presentation of the female vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jess is hoping to pursue postgraduate study in film theory after finishing her degree.  


Kiera Brooks is a final year student studying BA Hons Costume Interpretation with Design at The Northern School of Art. Throughout her course of study, Kiera has explored various aspects of costume, which has been enhanced by her roles working in the wardrobe department at The White Rock Theatre in Hastings. Kiera’s current research explores the relationship between female representation and the sci-fi genre in which she is working on full-size interpretations of costume design for the Star Wars character, Ahsoko Tano. 

Rebecca Jones is a detail oriented graphic designer, who combines both digital and illustrative methods within her work. Graduating with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design and currently studying for her qualification in MA Design Practice, her portfolio demonstrates her passion for creating positive social changes as well as her desire to help small businesses to succeed. Rebecca has also had her work considered by multiple design award programmes such as, the D&AD New Blood Awards and the Creative Conscience Awards, for her projects tackling highly important issues such as human rights and activism, with one project using typography to highlight the importance of ensuring all our human rights are met and achieved on a global scale. 

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