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How do themes of Existentialism and Identity link with the Autuer Theory and The French New Wave? 
Oscar W. Fitchett , BA (Hons) Film, TV & Theatre Production Graduate of The Northern School of Art, 2022


Existentialism is a philosophy that is used to question human existence, amidst the expansive conversations brought with this mindset lies the category of inevitable question of living and being.


Oscar Fitchett’s article discusses themes of existentialism explored in the French New Wave film movement, the relationship between the art and the artist, stories that depict a character’s journey in questioning their own identity, as well as key filmmakers who practice this artistic philosophy. This article is a companion piece that works in parlance with Fitchett’s short film ‘REFLECTION’.


REFLECTION was created in August 2020 during the initial national COVID-19 restrictions in the United Kingdom. The short narrative piece shows a nameless character wondering around in a pandemic-effected Hartlepool reminiscing on what was average mundanity but now sits as missed history.  



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