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PhD Spotlight: An investigation analysing strategies for teaching group theatre performance in higher education  
Jonny Bussell, Senior Lecturer in Acting for Stage & Screen at The Northern School of Art


This investigation analyses strategies for teaching group theatre performance in higher education.  In three case-study chapters, it will explore different pedagogical approaches. 

Within performance-based courses practical student productions are commonplace.  These add to the student experience, give students the opportunity to showcase skills development and offer a real working environment to help students as they progress into the sector.  Different institutions take varying approaches to these productions.  Three particular approaches that will form the basis of this research are;


  1. Student-Director: When students direct their peers

  2. Lecturer-Director: When a member of academic staff directs the production

  3. External director: When a director from industry (and outside the organisation) is brought in to direct the production


These three different models of facilitating student productions have different aims and contexts within which they are working, and this study will analyse these in detail.  This research will focus on strategies and processes within higher education when working with third year performance students on practical, group based, textual theatre projects where the practical work is being assessed.

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