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A SAR Student Celebration  
Alyson Agar, Senior Lecturer in Research & Scholarly Activity at The Northern School of Art, 2023 


This presentation focuses directly on the ways in which our undergraduate and postgraduate students are involved in SAR, and how their invaluable contributions enable our SAR to develop, progress and move forward collectively.  


Over the last two years, we have worked on several small to medium-scale research projects, pioneered through a cross-collaborative approach. In these projects, staff from all departments have worked collaboratively, students have worked with students from different programmes, and together, as one collective research team, we have worked together with external partners and stakeholders to deliver impactful work that has a positive effect on our local communities.  Students involved in SAR gain real-world experience, but for them to develop skills in community organisation and working and leading collaboratively.  


At The Northern School of Art, we see our students as co-creators, co-authors and co-collaborators, and as a specialist art school, we take pride in problem-solving through creative arts and design-based methodologies and visualising and presenting research creatively and innovatively.



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