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Threads of Identity 
Ada Malegowska, BA Hons Textiles and Surface Design 


The relationship between clothing, fashion, and the self has been an ongoing topic of debate within the fields of Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology. On one hand, some scholars argue that clothing is a form of self-expression that enables individuals to communicate their personality, identity, and more, through the garments they choose to wear (Davis, 1992; Kaiser & Kwon, 2013).


On the other hand, others argue that fashion and clothing are not always an individual's free choice, but rather a form of social construction shaped by cultural norms and societal expectations (Entwistle & Rocamora, 2006; Craik, 1994). Ada Malegowska examines both perspectives of the debate, utilising prominent theories that have been proposed to explain this relationship.  



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