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A Practical Investigation into the Development of Pattern and Texture

for use in 3D Models.

Tony Shaw, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Production Design for Stage & Screen

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The Research Question

How can the development of Textures and Material Maps in computer generated models help to enhance professional practice? How will this development further enhance the teaching and learning on the BA (Hons) Production Design for Stage and Screen Programme and the development of other digital model making programmes at The Northern School of Art.



The development of 3D digital models used in my own practice is something, which I personally wish to develop. Never the less this would support undergraduate study on the Production Design for Stage and Screen programme greatly. This digital work is an area, that our industry partners tell us that they are focused on, and the development of teaching on the programme in this area must continue to explore this area.



  • to develop the practical skills associated with industry standard software predominantly Autodesk’s 3ds max and Photoshop.

  • to develop imagery for inclusion in exhibitions and galleries to enhance my own professional practice.

  • to build up a knowledge base to be able to disseminate knowledge to both undergraduates at The Northern School of Art and other programme staff.


  • Document a practical exploration and development of the software through background reading, online tutorials and hands on practical research.

  • Evaluate the imagery produced to further develop this learning to produce freelance work and images for exhibition.

  • Develop an understanding of the processes explored through the first two objectives. This will lead to the development of teaching aids to use with undergraduates and perhaps other staff in the college.

  • Develop proposal for a possible 3D model making and effects programme at The Northern School of Art. This would not only enhance study but would help develop a unique selling point for the programme. So an area of development that I want to explore is the production of pattern and textures to enhance the surface of digital models. I have started to explore this through my own professional practice and really want to learn more.

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